Dr. Julian Robledo

Julian Robledo, MD is from Colombia and is fluent in Spanish and English. He has 40 years medical experience, and has practiced in the United States for nearly 30 years. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Most importantly, he is a kind, caring and knowledgeable physician.

Dr. Robledo will be providing Primary and Urgent Care:
Monday - Friday 9 am-5 pm


Custom-tailored care to suite your orthopedic needs. Three Rivers Orthopedics is lead by world-class Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jonothan Miller.

Our General Surgeon Dr. Gordon Tagge is knowledgeable in variety of surgical techniques, but specializes in procedures such as: Biopsies, Hernia repair, Abdominal surgery, Gallbladder removal, Laparoscopic surgeries, Removal of skin cancer and thyroid masses, Colonoscopies, and Upper and lower GI endoscopy.

Dr. Ty Witt has extensive surgical expertise and stays up-to-date on the newest, most minimally invasive procedures to help women heal with less pain and recovery time. He specializes in women’s health issues including: bone health, hormonal issues, heavy bleeding, urinary incontinence, and the treatment of infertility.